Baby Blessings

One of the oldest secular rituals is the welcoming of a new child to the community of family and friends. This recognises the child’s individuality through its unique name and is an opportunity to offer support, love and nurturing through appointing godparents, guardians or mentors.

While traditionally a Baby Blessing or Naming Ceremony is held within the first 6 weeks of a newborn’s life, in more recent times it is a popular to have it in conjunction with a First Birthday and is an opportunity for the parents to express their appreciation for the support they’ve received from family and friends …. and it often takes that long for new parents to come up for air!!

I have had the privilege of conducting dozens of these very special gatherings, many of which have been quite emotional - often for couples I have married and it’s a delight to be invited back and see their family unit blossom and grow.